A digital weight indicator is scale instrumentation that communicates the weight of the items on the scale to an operator through a display or to another machine. Weight data can then be used to make a decision or trigger an action as part of a larger process. While all weight indicators perform this important task, there are different styles of scale indicators to meet application needs.

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TheTEFl221 Xellent is a micro processor based digital Indicator for weighbridges, equipped with a bright Red LED for displaying weights and an in-built RS232 Serial Port which can be used for interfacing the Indicator to any IBM compatible PC or other remote devices. The TEFl221 Xellent can source up to 8 Load Cells and can be digitally calibrated through external panel keys, fully programmable.




  • Modular Design
  • 25mm Red LED Display for Weight Indication
  • Software Programmable and Calibration through Keypad
  • Password Protection at different levels
  • Output for parallel/Jumbo Display
  • Input Supply 90-270 – Supply SMPS
  • Power Consumption-10 VA(approx)
  • Operating Temperature -10% to + 55% / 95%RH
  • Excitation Range — 6V @ 300 ma (Up to 8 load cells)
  • Analog Signal Sensitivity- 0.5 mv / division
  • Internal Counts – 150000
  • Auto Zero Tracking *Smart Calibration* Multiple reports
  • Matches to almost all size and capacities of weighbridges