Preventive Maintenance Services
Annual Maintenance Contracts

AMC Services is a form of Preventive Maintenance Contracts. It is the cornerstone of a solid cost-effective M&R (Maintenance & Repair) program. Nominally, in preventive maintenance equipment is inspected, maintained and protected before break down or before other problems occur.


Preventive Maintenance is accomplished on a fixed schedule or frequency and consists of many check-point activities on every item under the service. It reduces the risk of system or component failure, which, if occurs, would interfere with essential operations, endangers life or property, involves a high cost, or requires a long lead time for replacement.


The Generic Preventive Maintenance Plan –

  • 1 Year Cover 
  •  4 Quarterly Services 
  • Unlimited Free Complaint Services 
  • Free Spares *

The AMC plans can be modified easily to suit specific requirements.