A digital weight indicator is scale instrumentation that communicates the weight of the items on the scale to an operator through a display or to another machine. Weight data can then be used to make a decision or trigger an action as part of a larger process. While all weight indicators perform this important task, there are different styles of scale indicators to meet application needs.

TheTEFl221 Xellent is a micro procssor based digital Indicator, equipped with a bright Red LED for displaying weights and an in built RS232 Serial Port which can be used for interfacing the Indicator to any IBM compatible PC or other remote devices. The TEFl221 Xellent can source up to 8 Load Cells and can be digitally calibrated through external panel keys, fully programmable.


  • Modular Design
  • 25mm Red LED Display for Weight Indication
  • Software Programmable and Calibration through Keypad
  • Password Protection at different levels
  • Output for parallel/Jumbo Display
  • Input Supply 90-270 – Supply SMPS
  • PowerConsumption-10 VA(approx)
  • Operating Temperature -10% to + 55% / 95%RH
  • Excitation Range — 6V @ 300 ma (Up to 8 load cells)
  • Analog Signal Sensitivity- 0.5 mv / division
  • Internal Counts – 150000
  • Auto Zero Tracking *Smart Calibration* Multiple reports
  • Matches to almost all size and capacities of weighbridges